About Me

Brian Ladin is a Dallas, Texas-based investment professional and entrepreneur. Ladin puts his extensive investing and leadership skills to work as Founder and CEO at Delos Shipping, a capital investment provider to the shipping industry.

Delos Shipping is a ship leasing firm, leasing shipping assets and providing financing to companies in the shipping field. Delos focuses primarily on long-term leases, distressed assets, and cyclical asset plays. As the head of Delos Shipping, Ladin has earned international recognition for orchestrating the completion of several large-scale acquisitions and transactions.

Ladin has served as senior leader at Delos Shipping, and Delos Investment Management, since 2008.


Prior to Delos Shipping, Brian Ladin served as partner at such firms as Bonanza Capital and Talisman Capital, where his work produced more than $100 million in combined profits.

Additionally, Ladin has served on the board of directors of several key brands, including Konig & Cie (2013-2016), Affinity Media (2007-2009), and Points International (2006-2008).

Education & Personal Life

Brian Ladin is a graduate of Tulane University, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy in 1995. He currently resides in Dallas alongside his wife Rachel and two children, Alex and Brent.


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